Would you like to…

  • have a more pleasant and enduring voice?
  • be more articulate?
  • deliver compelling presentations without fear?

Is there something about your speech or voice–no matter how big or small–that is keeping you from being a highly polished professional?

The Sound Center can help!

The Sound Center unlocks the vocal power of executives, professionals, and performers by improving projection, speech articulation, and fluency. To increase conversational ease, we also redesign foreign and regional accents and increase competence and flexibility with business English.

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Who can benefit from training in speech, voice, accent, or presentation skills?

  • People who use their voices as a tool to do business (in other words, if your career requires you to talk, you can benefit)
  • Newly promoted executives
  • Leaders
  • Anyone who wishes to enhance vocal projection and sound, become more fluent and articulate, or redesign their accent