World Voice Day

Today is World Voice Day! Celebrate your voice, which is a powerful tool for delivering messages, an infinitely expressive instrument to convey your emotions, and a canvas for vocal artists to create beauty and evoke reactions.  Whose voices do you admire? Who has had an effect on you by using their voice to say words you needed to hear? Today is the day to honor those people in your hearts and minds, and if you wish, here. I invite you to post a comment, tell a story, or share your list of people whose voices you really like.

Learn more about World Voice Day, including its history and purpose, and link to exercises and information about the voice.  Click here, and turn on your speakers to hear the word “voice” spoken in many of the world’s languages.

Posted on: 16 April 2009 | Category: Communication, General, Presentation, Singing, Voice


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