Setting the record straight

Being featured in the Fox News story (Job Seekers Lose Accents to Get Jobs) was exciting, but I want to share my opinions about a couple of things. Your comments are encouraged!

1. Costs for training at The Sound Center vary. We offer free workshops, special promotions, and group classes, all of which bring costs down. The message and accompanying graphic used in the story (‘MORE THAN $100 AN HOUR’) was misleading. In fact, we have a promotion going on through the end of this month that takes $100 off the first month of training.
2. The last comment of the story was that training could be detrimental if it makes a person feel so different that they lose confidence. In fact, we help clients communicate the way they want and we emphasize that to be effective, communication has to be authentic and real. We would never train someone to be robotic and fake–that wouldn’t be effective! Increased confidence is a natural result of the work and change clients do. And of course, some clients realize they are happy communicating in their habitual way. We consider it a success when we have provided choices for communication, and clients follow their values to make the best choices for themselves.

What do you think?

Posted on: 24 January 2010 | Category: General


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