small changes, BIG IMPACT!

Accent Modification in just 4 weeks!

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Strong accent? Read on!

We are launching a pilot program for a ground-breaking, ingenious new method for helping you become a confident communicator quickly!

We focus on one pronunciation change and one intonation change.

And we do it in 4 sessions!

Just think, only 4 sessions to dramatically increase your intelligibility!

We uncover the one pronunciation change and one intonation pattern change that will have the biggest impact and focus on only those changes!

Why waste time and energy working on every sound and pattern that is part of your speech? Your accent is a part of you–KEEP IT! Our goal is not to eliminate your accent, but to help you communicate clearly.

In one month, you will be speaking so that others understand you much better! This program includes:

  • Screening assessment
  • Identification of your sound and pattern
  • Private sessions
  • Individualized materials
  • Recordings for practice
  • Post-test

Pilot program investment:     $449

Because this is a pilot program, we are offering it at a reduced rate to a limited number of clients. Will you be one of the first?

Email us to reserve your spot. Don’t miss out! This is a great deal! Email now!