Voice and Speech Training

Enhancing Your Voice, Because You Have a Lot to Say.

Why Choose Us

The Sound Center unlocks the vocal power of executives, professionals, and performers by improving projection, speech articulation, and fluency. To increase conversational ease, we also redesign foreign and regional accents and increase competence and flexibility with business English.

20+ years Experience

The Sound Center has been serving clients since 1997. We understand that each client is unique and we know how to customize training to achieve the best result.

Flexible Schedule

Sessions can be scheduled at your convenience. Appointments are available during business hours, evenings, and on Saturdays.

Training That Works

Training can take place at our office in Oak Brook or your work place. We also offer web based live sessions.

Who We Can Help

  • People with an important interview, meeting or performance wanting to sharpen their skills or tune up their voice.
  • People with Parkinson’s Disease
  • People struggling with vocal fatigue, hoarseness, vocal instability, or lack of endurance
  • Singers who find their voices don’t work well anymore
  • Newly promoted individuals with greater demands on their communication skills
  • Anyone who knows they have a lot to say, but they feel ignored or embarrassed by their voice, they would like to experience greater communicative ease, or they want to explore their voice, presentation, or speaking style

Events & News

Parkinson’s News

A couple of interesting items we wanted to share: Tonight is the 15th Anniversary Celebration of Parkinson Voice Project, the non-profit organization that provides training for the therapy we do for people with Parkinson’s. SPEAK OUT! and LOUD Crowd! The webpage provides a mass of information that is helpful, inspiring, and educational. Check it out […]

Videoconference Style: Too Loud!

I have noticed for years that there is a natural tendency to talk more loudly on speaker phones, cell phones, and in video conferences. My theory is that whenever there is a reduction in the data we transmit as we communicate, we compensate with a louder voice. Here are a few examples of what is […]
I am experiencing lasting benefit from the presentation skills training I took from you. I am [now] consciously aware of my breathing. I tend to have a lot to say in a short amount of time and I periodically have to make myself slow down and breathe to regroup.
President, Naper Solutions

Some of Our Clients

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