Parkinson Voice Project in Richmond, Texas

Parkinson’s News

A couple of interesting items we wanted to share:

  1. Tonight is the 15th Anniversary Celebration of Parkinson Voice Project, the non-profit organization that provides training for the therapy we do for people with Parkinson’s. SPEAK OUT! and LOUD Crowd! The webpage provides a mass of information that is helpful, inspiring, and educational. Check it out here and tune in tonight at 6:30 Central Time!
  2. One of the most frequent ideas we use in our SPEAK OUT! and LOUD Crowd sessions is to SPEAK WITH INTENT. A recent study looked at the frequency of feedback in communication interactions.
    • They compared the feedback messages provided by people with Parkinson’s versus people who don’t have Parkinson’s.
    • They found that people with Parkinson’s provided less feedback. You could say that the people with Parkinson’s communicated less than the people without Parkinson’s.
    • So, my take-away is that I need to encourage people in my SPEAK OUT! and LOUD Crowd therapy to SPEAK MORE!
Use intent to SPEAK MORE, and when you speak, SPEAK WITH INTENT!