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The Sound Center was founded by Michelle Eppley. We offer training in speech, voice, accent, and presentation skills.

The Sound Center unlocks the vocal power of executives, professionals, and performers by improving projection, speech articulation, and fluency. To increase conversational ease, we also redesign foreign and regional accents and increase competence and flexibility with business English.

The Sound Center helps you enhance your voice because you have a lot to say. When you align your communication sound and style with who you are, you speak better, you communicate authentically, and your confidence increases.

  • Michelle Eppley
    Michelle Eppley Director

    Michelle Eppley is founder and director of The Sound Center. She helps people unlock their vocal power, redesign foreign and regional accents, and speak clearly and fluently. Accommodating individuals and groups since 1997, Michelle focuses on helping people establish confidence, polish, and image to achieve effective and intelligible communication capabilities. Clientele include executives from all professions, broadcasters, engineers, entrepreneurs, and teachers; corporate clients include Glad Manufacturing, Sears, Lexus, Ford, K-Five Construction, Lawson Products, law firms and many small businesses. Before establishing The Sound Center, Michelle worked in a variety of locations providing instruction and enhancement for voice, speech and accent. She has experience on-site at corporations, hospitals, a speech-language clinic, skilled nursing facilities and schools. She has also served as an instructor in the DePaul University English Language Academy, teaching an intensive accent modification course.

    Michelle earned a Bachelor of Music at the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, studying under a performance scholarship in voice, and a Master of Arts in speech pathology from the University of Iowa. She is nationally certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and licensed by the State of Illinois. She holds a professional membership in the Illinois Speech-Language-Hearing Association, and co-founded the Voice Consortium of the Chicago Audiology-Speech-Language Association.

“I truly believe every person has a lot to say. It is a privilege to help people become better speakers, voice users, or communicators. Whether you lack the confidence to share your ideas, you have trouble being understood, or you often lose your voice, we can help. There is nothing about your communication sound or style that is too big or too small for us to address.”

Michelle Eppley – Director

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