Why should I change my foreign accent?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a foreign accent. Are simple conversations difficult? Do you have to repeat yourself frequently? Do you often misunderstand what others say? If so, you are probably feeling increased stress and isolation. Changing your accent may relieve these problems as well as help you attain your professional and personal goals.

I don’t want to lose my foreign accent entirely. Will I lose my foreign accent?

You are more likely to acquire the accent of American English than to lose your native language accent. This training is designed to increase your speaking options. You will be able to decide how you want to speak in given situations. Many clients have commented that as they learn the American English accent, they actually get better at switching back and forth between accents.

I have tried using accent modification tapes and other materials on my own, but I have not made any progress. Can you help me?

Absolutely! There are many ways to learn a new speech skill. The Sound Center simplifies the complex process of speaking by choosing accent modification methods that work well for you. Diagnostic computer images of your voice pattern will visually show you what your words look like. Learn how sounds and words are formed in your mouth. Videotaped or audiotaped sessions maximize your practice time. The Sound Center’s professional state-of-the-art computerized acoustic analysis with visual biofeedback allows you to perfect your skills.

  • [Now I understand] how to access my authentic voice. [It was] a safe and supportive environment. Don’t hesitate. Take the plunge, it’s time and money well-spent.

    Barbara Dwyer former Director of Community Development Benedictine University
  • I am amazed at the confidence that I know seem to have and the compliments that I receive from people since your class. Thank you for helping me break through the barriers that were holding me back about speaking to a group. Maybe it was in me all along and I just didn’t realize it.

    Susan Heun
  • The difference in my level of confidence is unbelievable. I regularly have the opportunity to speak to hundreds of people and I actually look forward to it!

    Alma Jones Alma Jones and Associates
  • This class helped me to make breakthrough progress on reducing accent. Michelle is a very knowledgeable, encouraging coach.

    Fran Zhang Sears, Roebuck and Company
  • [Video review] was most helpful to me. I am much more aware of the sounds I make.

    Judi Bartik Wohead former Communications Coordinator for Suburban Campuses, Depaul University
  • “This class exceeded my expectations! It was perfect! I learned the importance of pitch and tone modulation. I used to think my low pitched speaking voice was a weakness. I found out it is a strength.”

    Patti Martin Consultant
  • “[I learned about] factors affecting voice. Awareness of what is necessary to achieve desired result. A scientifically based unique, effective, practical learning experience which facilitates behavior modification to achieve a clearer, better sound.”

    Ray Wyzguski Consultant, Labor Regulation Assitance
  • “Thank you so much. I benefited greatly from your suggestions. I felt like a different person when I left! You are awesome!”

    Maureen Radice lifeworks associates
  • “[I gained a greater] awareness of tension, awareness of speech patterns that aren’t healthy (or tonal) and replacement with healthy sounds, open sounds.”

    Janet Anderson Music Teacher
  • “[I gained]: awareness of my breathing and muscle tension, tools to improve my speaking voice.”

    L.R. Art Dealer/Consultant

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