Foreign accent modification services offered at The Sound Center:

Individual Training for Foreign Accent Modification

Individual sessions are held by appointment, and are focused to help you make progress as quickly as possible. Acquire the American English accent. Learn new ways to speak so others can understand you. Improve speech, voice, and communication skills essential to your career success. When your message is understood, your potential is unlocked.

Redesign Your Accent – A Course in Foreign Accent Modification

If you have a strong foreign accent, you probably spend a lot of your time being misunderstood. You may know English well, but have to repeat yourself frequently. Assistance is available. This intensive class gives you the opportunity to improve your ability to communicate in business and social situations.

English Language Tutoring

Advanced language tutoring allows you to bridge any gaps in your mastery of English. Individualized lessons cover all aspects of grammar, syntax, and vocabulary.

These services can also be brought to you. Contact us for more information.

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