Services in foreign accent modification, presentation skills, voice and speech enhancement, and medical voice therapy can be provided via the following modalities:

In-person sessions

In-person sessions can take place at our locations in Oak Brook, Chicago, or Northfield, or they can be brought to your office.  You will receive uninterrupted attention and services that are tailored to you.

Videoconference sessions

Videoconference sessions offer a valuable option for those who cannot travel to our locations and who would like the convenience of meeting anywhere!  A webcam, headset, up-to-date computer, and high-speed internet connection are the only requirements.  These sessions can be as effective as meeting in-person and are much more convenient!

Group classes

Group classes, workshops, and presentations are offered to companies and groups who want to bring The Sound Center training in-house.  Popular topics include presentation skills and accent modification.  The Sound Center also offers public workshops and classes periodically.  Contact us for more information.

Telephone sessions

Telephone sessions are one way to supercharge progress between face-to-face sessions.  They also allow the business traveler to keep momentum going even when away.  For some individuals, telephone sessions are specifically recommended to make practice activities more realistic and meaningful.

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